Monday, 11 February 2013

Sweet Bacon and Maple Cupcakes

Cybercandy have been responsible for supplying  some weird and wonderful candy and this sweet bacon is one of their best 'Unusuals'. Well, some people might be happy with a packet of the real stuff but if you're looking for an excuse for cake for breakfast, this could be for you ! Did I tell you  it's not really bacon ?

Despite the fashion for real bits of porky on top of a chocolate cake this is just a nod in that direction; it's actually a strawberry flavoured gummy sweetie - Gummy Bacon. Put it on top of some maple frosting cupcakes and it certainly fooled a few folk. The texture is pretty convincing too and the kids ( including grown up kids) were keen to try. However, Cybercandy have more bacon goodies in store and I found another which may prove a real challenge for some....................

It's gone inside this cute looking cupcake but would you buy it ?

I couldn't resist trying Bacon Frosting but again it's only bacon flavouring in a sweet  frosting. It was a bit overwhelmed by the maple I had already drizzled in the centre. I can't say I'm really a fan compared to the gummy sweet bacon but if curiosity gets  you to try it ; put a bit on a spoon first to taste the subtle bacon flavour. 

Maybe I should have purchased the Bacon Cotton Candy as well ? Not for you ? Try the maple syrup and pour a teaspoon in the centre of your favourite vanilla cupcake recipe  and frost with maple flavoured frosting. Of course, you may like to stick with any sort of cake for breakfast, who am I to argue and in fact, I may have posted this little ditty before for you to sing.