Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Ultimate Car Cake

Midweek distraction No. 6 – Do you remember this advert for the Car Cake, or should I say, a Skoda Fabia?  Now I prefer  to watch this with the music off but it is one of my favourite TV adverts of all time, even though you have to live with the disappointment that it was not actually 'deemed' edible for Health and Safety reasons due to the studio conditions (and suspiciously nobody even licked their fingers?)

It seems that the Car Cake was  'scrapped' at the East London Community Recycling Project in Clapton, a project set up to provide local residents and members with quality compost for use on their gardens or allotments. Some of my cake experiments have had to meet a similar end, although most can be rescued, with the help of a liberal soaking of alcohol in a trifle or two…

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