Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Extreme Cake Engineering

Midweek distraction no 7 - Moving on from last week’s Ultimate Car Cake to a Moving Building Cake! You get to play with motors, cake and paints, for an alternative career choice, meet the cake engineer and creative artist; David Cakes. David has been hard at work and play for many years creating amazing cakes but this one had an extra twist:

David was commissioned by Liverpool Biennial, to create a replica in cake of a Richard Wilson’s installation; "Turning the Place Over", in Liverpool’s city centre. The building had been radically changed whereby a section could be seen turning literally inside out. A piece of cake really! (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one.) View now:

If you are interested in more of David’s creations, please check out his site here In the meantime, I am off to do more humble things such as putting marzipan on the Christmas Cake. (Maybe, if I find that old Meccano set we could have a pop out of the chimney Santa Claus or a rotating snow scene... or maybe not.)

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