Thursday, 3 February 2011

I Heart You Online and Monty Python

Midweek distraction No. 12 - Rocky and Balls - and some vintage Monty Python. Two You Tube clips for you this week; the first on the possibilities of social networking and the second, on serving cake. 

One soppy, girlie one because it's nearly Valentine's Day, from two of my favourite songstresses ; aka Hannah-Rei and Sophie Madeleine of Rocky and Balls fame. What if you did fall for someone on Facebook, or Twitter or dare I say it,  Foodbuzz ? This is for you:

One for the guys, on the importance of serving cake correctly, even in war, Monty Python style. You find out 'how' towards the end of the clip and you may need a doily...........

I'm off to cook Chinese food now but the cake will be back at the weekend. Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. You Tube is so much fun! Happy Chinese New Year to you too Pauline!

  2. I really love Monty Python, thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the fun. Nothing to beat Mad Monty!

  4. i agree with all of you up there. I also had fun watching this video. great!cakes on line